Stoke The Jam

It's an exciting time for our resident Snowboarder Stoke the Jam.

He gets his turn in Heat 1. What will happen? Will be win his Heat?

And he is truly one of my favorite people on Team Earth!

Jenefer Washington-Lee

I was so inspired by Jen. She has the heart of a Lion.. and those nails. If the currect 2021 Tokyo Olympics taught of anything; runners are always at thier best with accessories. And our proverbial head of Team Earth has that ability in spades. 

Onorina's Solar Sail Spacesuit

This picture has been floating in my head for months. It took me a while to draw with my new stylus pen, but for the first time ever, my drawing closely resembles what I saw in my imagination.

What is this? Why it's a solar sail spacesuit, of course. Duh! How could you not know this? :)

I jest. And what is a solar said spacesuit for? It's an integral part of Onorina Di Mateo's upcoming Universe Olympic event in Chapters 7 & 8.

But wait, is she an Astronaut? Nope, a Pentathlete. Did your brain just hurt a little bit? Good! It's supposed to. 

See, I told you, the Universe Olympics was going to some out of this world places. So please join Team Earth and Oni on one CRAZY Universe Olympic adventure.


Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics 


These photos are part of my Inspiration for the Universe Olympians as well as the journey they take across the Milky Way Galaxy.



Music Playlist

This is my musical inspiration while writing the Novel:

1) Tilted - Christine and the Queens - (Puts me in the 2034 frame of mind)

2) Big Blue Wave - Hey Ocean! - (Ari's surfing song - "her love his like a big blue wave")

3) Just This - Birdtalker - (I imagine the Olympians listening to this song while missing Earth) 

4 The Carousel Walltz - (0-0:55) Score for lighting the Olympic Flame and writing Chapters 3 & 4)

5) All Star - Smash Mouth - (Get's me pumped for the Olympians' tour of the space ship)

6) Young Hearts - Commuter - (The Olympians walking around work-out arena)

7) Spice of Your Life - Spice Girls - (The McQuenzy Twins used for a previous Synchro routine) 

8) Secret Crush - Shoot An Arrow - (0:00 - 0:37) - Soundtrack for Book

9) Hands of Time - Margo Price - (On Amy's Playlist morning of Day 1)

10) Magnificent (She Says)Elbow - (Day 1 with Amy) 

11) Rainbow - Louis Baker - (the Olympians thinking of Earth)

12) Monument - MUTEMATH - (Oni's Solar Sail Race)

13) Year of the Cat - Al Stewart - (Oni flying through nebula)

14) Finale - World of Motion - (Oni jumping out of the shuttle)

15) Train - Drops of Jupiter - (Oni's event) "Tell me, did you sail across the sun..."

Water Qualification Platform

In Chapter 4:

If you are swimming in the Universe Olympics this is the first place you are going.

Now, I know most of you are wondering: Why is one platform on top of the other? And where on Earth is there an Olympic Qualification like this?

See, here's the fun part. It's not on Earth. In fact, it's not on ANY planet!

Do I have you intrigued yet? I hope so! 

Chapter 6: Day 1 of Competition

What is this?

It couldn't be a Whale type alien with a Little Human hanging in an air bubble in the middle of the sea?

That would be crazy, wouldn't it?

Find out more in Chapter 6 (Day 1) out now!

Please forgive the quality of the drawing, my imagination is better than my pen - rather an eraser stylus pen.

- Amanda Dubin

Universe Olympics available on Amazon, IBooks, Nook, Google and Kobo.

Image from ©Amanda Dubin.

360 Degree Infinity Lap Pool

In Chapter 3:

Along with the rest of the Olympians, Amy Ride was shown her training facility on Team Earth's Space Ship.

And because this story is part of my imagination, here is a simple drawing as to what a 360º Infinity Pool would look like on the ship.

It is very basic, yes I know that, but it gives you a little idea of what's inside my head.



Water Ship

In Chapter 3:

When the Olympians finally go to the Universe Olympics and see the Universe Olympic Flame being lit, the athletes get to see other Space Ships. One of the Space Ships is an ocean surrounded like a crystal ball. Inside the Ocean Space Ship there are different currents of water flowing. This is a quick sketch I did to give my readers a little idea of what I'm seeing in my imagination.