Greetings and Salutations

Thank you for taking the time to read about who I am.

Now, down to the basics:

Age: Over 29 and under 50. A lady never gives away her age, easily... 

Birthday: May 8. The greatest day in history! I'll let you all guess why.

Education: Boston University. I graduated from the film school with a B.S. Yes, a B.S.! Clean up your mind, please.

Occupation: Storyteller. It fits well with my love of film, being an independent filmmaker, and writing books.

Home Base: I currently live in Alexandria, VA. But I have also called New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, and Richmond home. Current favorite city: Walla Walla, Washington, no, not really, just checking if you're still reading. You are...

Great Loves: Science fiction. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No, really! And please don't get me started on Xanadu. Yup, I'm serious. Xanadu. Which leads us, naturally, to The NeverEnding Story, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and all of John Hughes' movies. Well, you just got a glimpse of my childhood! Don't you just love the '80s? I miss charm necklaces... Why haven't they brought those back yet? And my Q*bert watch. I loved my Q*bert watch, which I actually found on Ebay and I am an inch away from buying, unless you'd like to get it for me; I'd graciously accept. And if you're feeling that generous, I'd also like my old Coleco Mini Frogger Arcade Game; THAT was the best! If not, no worries, I'll just dream of childhood fun.


Social Media

Amanda is on practically every social media feed known to man... or woman:







OK, not really, but it feels that way. I haven't made the SnapChat plunge yet... yet.

Below on YouTube is a short film I produced, directed, wrote, and if you look closely at the color green, acted in.

It is called "The Theory of Colors."